Lager - 4.0%

Gettin' ready to get down

8 oz. - $4, 16 oz. - $6

750 ml. growler - $10

Light in color and ABV but not in flavor, this crisp lager will be your new “go-to” beer. Whether you’re gettin’ ready for a night out, or gettin’ ready for a chill afternoon, it’s easy to get down with this beer. If you want to see a miracle, watch me get down.


american Lager - 5.86%

down and clear

8 oz. - $4, 16 oz. - $6

4 Pack - $11, Case - $60Clean, crisp, and crushable. Whether you’re taking off your boots after a long day at work or a long day on the slopes, this lager is your reward. Grab a few to share with your friends and rest, relax, and enjoy.


New England IPA - 6.0%

Ruby Waves

8 oz. - $5, 16 oz. - $7

4 Pack - $14, Case - $78Originally brewed in collaboration with Wild Bill, this smooth and balanced IPA has a 

soft mouthfeel and notes of grapefruit, apricot and lime.


New england IPA - 6.0%

we named the dog citra

8 oz. - $5, 16 oz. - $7

 4 Pack - $14, Case - $78

When your dog is named Citra, you make a single hop Citra beer just for her. Brewed with 100% Citra hops, this clean, juicy, citrusy IPA is sure to be your new best friend. #citrathebrewdog



New england IPA - 6.5%

Space Movie

8 oz. - $5, 16 oz. - $7

 4 Pack - $14, Case - $78

Hello there! Due to trademark and copyright laws, Space Movie is as specific as we can be in reference to Jack’s favorite movie series. First brewed on a certain day in early May with Galaxy, Comet and other hops known only to the High Council, this beer is best enjoyed under the twin suns of a desert planet, or perhaps with a Man who drives a Delorean.



New england Double IPA - 8.0%

All My Friends are Hopheads

8 oz. - $6, 16 oz. - $8

4 Pack - $15, Case $84

Packed full of juicy and citrusy hops, this double IPA is like a mosh pit in your mouth. This beer isn’t just one in a crowd.


New england Double IPA - 8.0%

Hoppy Wife Hoppy LIfe

8 oz. - $6, 16 oz. - $8

4 Pack - $15, Case $84

This recipe was crafted with Emily’s love of big, bold DIPAs in mind, and Emily and Jack originally brewed this beer together. Massive hop additions in the kettle, whirlpool, and fermenter result in a pleasant bitterness balanced with notes of orange peel. It’s always good to keep your wife hoppy.

jalapeno cream ale, 6.5%

Cersei's Wildfire

8 oz. - $5, 16 oz. - $7

4 Pack - $13, Case - $72

We added half a pound per barrel of jalapeños to make this spicy yet refreshing Cream Ale. It won’t burn your city to the ground, but this beer is not for the faint of heart. Best shared with your brother.

brown ale - 6.0%

We've Been Dancing 

16 oz. Can Pour - $7

4 Pack - $12, Case - $66

This Brown Ale is our take on the classic English style. Copper in color, this beer is malty with hints of caramel and nut flavor. Every sip gets a little bit better, a little bit better than before.


*This beer is not available for flights.*

stout - 6.5%

urca's gold 

8 oz. - $5, 16 oz. - $7

4 Pack - $12, Case - $66

Deep and rich, much like the famed Spanish Treasure Galleon, The Urca de Lima. This beer has notes of dark chocolate and coffee. Perfect for cool Vermont nights, spent looking for your own treasure.

other drinks

Cider and Ginger beer


Unified Press - Citizen Cider - 5.2%

16 oz. can pour, $7



The Dirty Mayor - Citizen Cider - 5.2%

16 oz. can pour, $7



Spiced Apple Hard Ginger Beer - Halyard Brewing Co. - 5.5%

12 oz. can pour, $7



All Times Sparking Apple Cider - Citizen Cider - Non-Alcoholic 

12 oz. can pour, $3




     *4 oz. Taster - $2*

*Flight of Four 4 oz. Tasters - $8* 

*Customize your own Mixed 4 Pack for $15 or your own Mixed Case for $84!*

*There is a $3 “deposit” for all new 750 ml. growlers. Feel free to refill on your next visit!*




Sea Salt Sublime or Maple Kettle Bliss Popcorn from Karen's Artisan Popcorn in Williston, VT. 

Marcona almonds


Sweet and crunchy marcona almonds fried in olive oil. 

Mixed Nuts


Almonds, Cashews and Pecans in your choice of one of three flavors. Choose from Maple and Cinnamon, Maple Ginger or Maple and Chipotle. Mixed Nuts provided by The Nutty Vermonter in Stowe, VT.

Tipsy Pickles


Handmade sweet and spicy pickles made with our Jalapeño Cream Ale, Cersei’s Wildfire! Pickles made in collaboration with The Tipsy Pickle in Winooski, VT. Pickles are also available to take home for $12!

Chips and Salsa


Mild salsa with blended tomatoes, tomatillos, dry chilies and roasted garlic. Served with fresh tortilla chips. Salsa and tortilla chips provided by The Daily Planet in Burlington, VT.

Chips and queso


Queso with cheddar cheese from Cabot Creamery. Served with fresh tortilla chips. Queso and tortilla chips provided by The Daily Planet in Burlington, VT.


 *All food is prepared in a space that also serves nuts.*

*All prices include Vermont Meals and Alcoholic Beverage Tax.*

*Snacks are unavailable after 5pm on Sundays and after 7pm on Wednesdays - Saturdays.*

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.*



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